WYD2011 Madrid #2 Travelling in Italy…

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This is the second of a series of wyd2011 Madrid Deaf Australian Youth blog by David B Parker.

Part 2: WYD2011 Deaf Australian Youth Travelling in Italy.


We saw impressive buildings, churches and old sites – Basilicia of St Paul Outside the Walls (we attended the mass and we learnt of two australian aborigines). We visited the ancient catacombs with our talkative Leo the guide. This catacombs had a large network of  burial tunnels for christians and hebrews. We went to see St Mary Majhor Basilica, Bascilica of St John in Lateran, the Holy Stairs, the Colosseum, the Circus Maximus and we DID NOT visit the Roman Forum!

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Here we were at the mighty Colossuem

We had a private mass the morning at St Peter’s Basilica. We also went in the Vatican museums and went throu the spectacular chambers and halls to the Sistine Chapel and we saw the Michaelangelo’s masterpieces especially the Last Judgement fresco.

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